Cheating wife gets stuck on her lover after her husband placed a charm on her (Video)

A man who suspected his wife of cheating on him has finally gotten strong evidence after his secret charm caught the two lovers enjoying themselves.

In a video fast going viral, the man is heard confronting his wife and her lover after they both got stuck during an ‘atopa’ session.

According to the man, he suspected his wife of cheating on him but he never had any strong evidence to back his claim but what he has seen now goes to confirm his suspicions.

He added that he has been hearing it from people but he never believed it.

“My brother! It is said that little by little the bird makes its nest. I’ve been hearing of my wife’s infidelity but never believed.

“Today you are finished. I will call the police later,” the angry man is heard saying in the video.

Watch the video below:

Both his wife and the lover could also be heard crying and pleading for mercy as they are filmed.


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