Celestine Donkor Is A Big Liar – Musician Joe Khalers

One of Ghana’s most talented singer and song writer Celestine Donkor shared what she claim to be a difficult past in an interview with Sokoo Hermaa on rainbow radio.

She narrated how she had to eat human excreta just because she was hungry and in search of food.She went ahead to share many sad stories.

It is clearly her life and she can choose to say what ever she feels like saying but to go to the extent of saying she had to eat human waste is a blatant lie.

There are only two sets of people who in the history of the world can eat human waste, mad people and pregnant women. Even for pregnant women who claims they ate such a thing may only be found in Africa.

Now can singer and song writer Celestine Donkor kindly indicate which of the two categories she is? People like her are the ones making Christianity look like a joke, or was she not a Christian then?

I think she needs to find a better story to tell the people of Ghana if she is looking for our pity. For all you know it is a marketing strategy for an up coming album.It is very shocking the length people can go all in the name of fame.

Ghanaian people loves you already please don’t mess it up

In an interview with the young Ghanaian Highlife singer and song writer revealed this.










Source: Reportghana.com

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