Cardi B reacts to Akuapem Poloo’s sentencing

Hollywood Female Rapper and Akuapem Poloo’s Twin Sister Cardi B has reacted to her Twin sister’s sentencing

Akuapem Poloo yesterday was sentenced to three month in Prison after she shared a nude Photo of herself and her son last year to mark his 7th Birthday.

Reacting to this, Cardi B who became friends with Akuapem Poloo last year when she visited the country has describe the sentencing as too harsh.

She wrote: I seen a lot of Americans do photoshoots like that .Even tho is not my style I don’t think she was going for sexual more going the natural idea.I think jail is a bit harsh .Maybe social media probation or community service.

Cardi B reacts to Akuapem Poloo’s sentencing 2

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