WATCH VIDEO:Asem replies Edem; calls him a dog and a fowl

The new musical beef has now been lit between rappers Edem and Asem. It all started when Asem gave a…

In any of his new interviews, Edem keeps saying Asem should not try to come into his lane because they do not have any issue. He also noted that he once wrote a song for Asem.

Well, Asem has come out to reply Denning Edem Hotor as he’s known in real life. In a video shared via his Instagram stories, Asem who’s now based in the US said an Akan adage “Asem p3 nipa oo 3y3 nipa ena 3p3 Asem” which he translated as “He (Asem) doesn’t go look for trouble but it is people who come to look for trouble from him“.

He then went on call Edem “Mr. Avu..Koklo” —an Ewe name for “Dog and Fowl“. This is surely an insult to Edem.

“Mr. Avu Koklo…you said I should keep your name out of my mouth so why are you walking around talking about me. You go on interviews talking about me?. because the only reason why they invited you on the interview is to talk about me! You only get traction when my name is mentioned. Think about it”, Asem said.

He continued:

“You said I should keep your name out of my mouth. I was just rapping…freestyling. Doing what we do as rappers. You are the last person who should have felt slighted in that mix. Because I just gave you a shoutout on your project that you’re about to drop. I was even doing you a favour. Cos that’s the kind of king I am. When the light is on me, I try to throw the light on somebody else to get some of the shine because you haven’t been getting shine lately. Cos dem dey try sideline you and tin. Me I dey give you shine. Now you’re on radio and TV talking about me promoting your EP”

He then said he was the one who once blessed Edem with a verse on his song and not that Edem has ever written lyrics for him.

Asem touched on many issues noting that Edem is now talking about him in interviews. This is because, without his name, he (Edem) cannot make the headlines.

Watch the video below;


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