Adu Safowaa exposes Dr Kwaku Oteng’s Adonko brand

Adu Safowaa is on a mission to drag Dr Kwaku Oteng and his Adonko brand into the mud as she has taken another jab at them.

In her latest Instagram post, the actress shared a picture of herself on the set of the very first Adonko Bitters commercial with another controversial caption.

In the shot from the video, Adu Safowaa is seen with a bottle of Adonko Bitters in one hand and a drink filled cup in the other.

However, the combative actress revealed that the drink in her cup was Coca Cola and not the alcoholic beverage she has referred to as ”Akpeteshie”.

She maintained that she had never tasted alcohol and insinuated that the Adonko Bitters is harmful and unhealthy.

Adu Safowaa pointed to the famous Adonko Aseda Bash at the Baba Yara Sports Stadium in 2017 and alleged that the alcohol killed many who were in attendance and took it.

Her post was captioned,”Sorry to deceive the whole world. In this advert, the black substance in the cup i am holding is coke not the mixed black akpeteshi bitters that killed many at kumasi park during saaa show bi no.
To the blogs n social media commentators… Many readers are tired of Jealous, envy, hater and esp sister bitter word, give us punchlines or u go visit Sark first? Hahaha. REMEMBER When we sit back we all know IT IS WHAT IT IS. NB_ I VE NEVER TAKEN ALCOHOL. Welcome to the compound house called SOCIAL MEDIA… TYPE YOUR HEART …IT HAS NO EFFECT.”

Meanwhile, the actress and presenter while on Kingdom FM claimed that Dr Kwaku Oteng is the loser in her failed marriage to her friend Akua GMB.

According to her, Akua GMB was currently dating a better and wealthier man.



Adu Safowaa exposes Dr Kwaku Oteng’s Adonko brand 2

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