3 Tips to have a sound sleep, No. 2 sucks

Sleep is one major thing in life that we can’t deny our body of. People who ignore sleep at night sometimes find it difficult to concentrate during the day time. Studies show that a good night’s sleep is the same as a regular exercise and healthy diet.

Did you know that poor sleep or not getting enough sleep can have negative effect on your hormones, exercise level and brain functioning? It can also cause weight loss and lack of concentration. Most at times, poor sleep can lead to a whole lots diseases that can not be easily cured.

Below are some 3 evidence-based tips to sleep better at night;

  1. Increasing bright light exposure during the day

Circadian rhythm keeps time for your body naturally. It tells your body the time it must work, eat and sleep. This controls the brain and hormones in the body hence prepares the body towards sleep. Natural light or bright light during the day helps to improve your Circadian rhythm and it is therefore important to be exposed to sunlight during the day to have a sound sleep at night.

Research shows that people with insomia can have a sound sleep at night by getting exposed more daylight during the day.


2. Reducing Blue Light Exposure in the evening

Exposure to daylight during the day is important but then being exposed to more light during the night is not advisable. In order to have a sound sleep during night, you need to reduce the exposure of Blue light.


3. Don’t Consume Caffeine late in the Night

Avoid the in take of caffeine during late night to help you with a better sleep. Caffeine contains addictive that prevents the body from recognizing it’s time for sleep. Caffeine can stay elevated in your body for about 6-8hours before diffusing. Staying away from drinking caffeine late in the night can help you sleep soundly.




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