5 Key Points Fantana Raised After She Left Rufftown Records

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So the news is that the musical marriage between Rufftown Records owned by Bullet and Fantana has come to an abrupt end in a rather hostile manner.

The signs have always been on the wall after and Fantana and Wendy started avoiding each other at social events whiles dropping other subtle clues that all is not well in their camp.

Moments after Bullet’s controversial Instagram post which suggested that he has axed Fantana, born Fracine Nyanko Koffi from the label, the singer shot back with her own version.

We have lumped this to 5 key areas in this write up so you could get a better outlook of their wrangling.

#1. “You guys started this and I will simply end it.” Fantana meant the whole fracas was started by Wendy and Bullet and now they have brought it to her doorstep, she’s ready to face them.

#2. “It’s so funny how you feel the need to publicly humiliate me making it seem like you KUT ME from the label when the whole time I’m the one who has been wanting to leave!“- Fantana had decided to leave the label long time but Bullet saw this and tried to play smart.

#3. “You guys have bullied me and tortured me ENOUGH.“- All this while Bullet and Wendy have been bossing the young lady behind the scenes.

#4. “I won’t allow you guys to use me , play me and make me look like the bad guy.“- Yes, when the fool suddenly becomes wise, that marks the end of the entertainment; I think that’s what Fantana was trying to say!

#5. “Since you guys want everything to be public. WHY DONT I JUST TELL THE TRUTH?”– It seems there are a lot of skeletons hidden in Wendy and Bullet’s closet that can ruin them if Fantana starts talking. Who knows, maybe she knows who killed Ebony too.

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