New Beef: Ayisha Modi Descends On Nana Akua Addo For Badmouthing Her To Victoria Kimani With Dirty Secrets | Video

Stonebwoy’s Ayisha Modi has started a fresh beef with Ghanaian fashion iconNana Akua Addo as she has accused her of badmouthing her to Victoria Kimani and alleged she owes her $15,000.

According to Ayisha Modi, Nana Akua Addo has snitched on her on Kenya singer, Victoria Kimani as she goes about telling her that doesn’t qualify to be her manager.

If you can recall, Ayisha Modi has been revealed as the new artist manager for Kenya Singer, Victoria Kimani, Ayisha shared the news on posts she posted on her Instagram page.

Ayisha Modi in anger has revealed that Nana Akua Addo went to the DM of Victoria Kimani telling bad lies about her just to make her lose her contract with her.

Ayisha Modi disclosed that she did not expect Akua Addo to snitch on her but little did she know that she also told her the exact thing she said.

Angry Ayisha first shared a picture of Nana Akua Addo and blasted her. According to Ayisha Modi, Nana Akua Addo made her to walk from Mile 7 to Accra and walked from Accra to Mile 7 again to sell her flyers to people.

Explaining into details, Ayisha Modi said she did so because she was supporting Nana Akua Addo when she was a contestant of Miss Malaika although she had nothing in return.

Ayisha Modi wrote:

Life paaa dia! I remember when I was 14 years old this witch made me walk from Mile7 to Accra and walk back from Accra to Mile7 , sharing @missmalaikagh flyers. Kwasia What did u give me in return, lemme hear bulshit from u again. Madam I don’t fight anymore I beat. Talk ur nonsense again and lemme catch u. Fucking you @nanaakuaaddo . Aw but Rose paa what can u show me? Fuck off. You yourself you know am 1 person u can’t fight cos if I say Fiii ur whole life will just be short down. Think be

Stonebwoy Ayisha Modi has started a fresh beef with Ghanaian fashion icon, Nana Akua Addo as she has accused her of badmouthing her to Victoria Kimani and alleged she owes her.

Ayisha Modi then went live to reveal deep secrets about Nana Akua Addo. She accused her of undergoing plastic surgery.

Ayisha Modi also alleged that she came for a loan of $15,000 from her to buy her fashion gowns but has refused to pay and gave her 24 hours to refund her money else she will do more dirty things to her.

Ayisha Modi warned Nana Akua Addo that over failure to refund the money, she will tell the world deep secrets of her involving her family.

Watch the video below:







Source: Thedestin

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