HOT VIDEO: My Daughter Is Not Spoilt, She Just Exposes herself for Showbiz – Yaa Jackson’s Failure of A Father Praises His Wayward Daughter

has changed so much, sadly not in the way society had wanted her to change.


Today, Yaa Jackson would immediately display her fake butt and display her b**bies without anyone asking.

Her way of life has gotten lots of people talking, many of them backlashing her for the kind of life she lives now.

Some of them have even gone to the extent of asking if her parents are still alive merely because they cannot accept that a parent would sit and watch their child behave in such manner.

The truth is, her parents are very much alive and from what her father is saying, they accept her for all that she is.

The father of has spoken about his child’s lifestyle.

According to the veteran movie director, his daughter Yaa Jackson is not rotten as people see her to be.

He believes all she does is for the gram and mainly for showbizness.

Full Interview below

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