Actor Koo Fori visited his late wife’s grave with family[video]

Actor Koo Fori

The death of a loved one lingers in the mind no matter how long it takes. 10 years after, Veteran actor Koo Fori real name Seth Kwabena Kyere Karikari has visited the grave of his late wife, Mary Nana Aba Karikari.

The beautiful woman passed away in 2010 at the age of 38.

To commemorate the special memory of her 10 years later, Koo Fori and his family paid a visit to Mary Nana Aba Karikari’s graveside.

Koo Fori who could be seen still grief-stricken wore a shade to obviously conceal his teary red-eyes while friends and family were also looking gloomy.

They were led in prayer by someone who appeared to be a man of God and also sang a few songs to invite God’s presence.

The actor was seen in a solemn mood and also wearing sunglasses as he stood very close to his late wife’s tombstone.

Watch the video below:


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