WATCH VIDEO:Man says he is the real ‘papa no’, claims paternity to Tracey Boakye’s child

A man has made a video to address the real identity of ‘papa no’ with the explanation that he is the father of Tracey Boakye’s child and he was the one the actress used that term for.
The ‘papa no’ tag became a social media jargon over the weekend when where every concerned person was contemplating who this person behind this moniker could be.Many assumptions were made and political football was played around the entire term with the word appearing on the floor of Ghana’s parliament.

Following that, Tracey Boakey posted photos of people who have been roped into the ‘papa no’ conversation and debunked the rumour that these persons were responsible for the birth of her second child.

In this video that just popped up on social media, a man claims he is the ‘papa no; and that no one should be falsely accused of being the name behind the tag.

According to this man who is leaving in the diaspora, he is the father of Tracey Boakye’s daughter and had been left in the dark for long but he believes the time, now, is right for him to come out to reveal his identity as the one being referred to as ‘papa no.’

Watch Video Below:









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