Sister Derby blast pastors that preach at dawn checkout what she said[screenshot]

Sister Derby

Deborah Owusu-Bonsu better known in the music scene as Sister Derby has in a reply to a tweet taken a swipe at Pastors who carry megaphone at dawn to preach the word of God.

Sister Derby, the African Mermaid as she prides herself very angry in her tweet described these men of God who wake up as early as 4 am to preach as noisemakers and stupid.

With her tweet, I’m beginning to think that she has obviously had a terrible experience hence her total disdain towards the Pastor’s dawn preaching.

She made these comments in a reply to a Tweet by a poet who also was lost in his thoughts questioning why some pastors as early as 4 am while others are asleep go out and preach the word of God.

The poet identified as Mutombo Da Poet according to him cannot comprehend why these pastors to go out making noise under the shade of preaching God’s word.

In Mutombo Da Poet tweet he wrote; “I don’t know why someone will carry a megaphone at 4 am, put it on blast and say they are sharing the word of god when people are sleeping. It really does NOT make sense to me. At all!”

Sister Derby replied; “How can one be preaching ‘good’ while doing bad; disturbing people’s peace. They are stupid.”

See screenshot below;

Sister Derby tweet
Sister Derby tweet


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