Watch | Ghanaian musician explains how she turns into a fish to visit her family in the sea at night

  A Ghanaian woman has narrated how she is connected to the spirit world underground and her ordeal every evening. Speaking to Arnold Elavanyo on his Vibes in 5 show The budding musician who identified herself as Nyevile AKA Born Star narrated how she is connected to the underworld even before her mother gave birth to her.

According to her, Her Mother had trouble conceiving but with the help of a prophetess she delivered safely but with a Covenant that the Baby when Born must be dedicated to the sea or she will die.

She said her parent then obeyed the words of the prophetess and sent her to the sea, dedicated her and left her in the sea for 4 days.

During those 4 days according to her, she was taken to the spiritual underworld to meet her other family and she immediately got involved with the activities of the new world.

She also claims she is able to turn into fish at night, therefore, one of her most striaght rules is that no one turns on the light at night when she is sleeping else risk seeing something spiritual or getting harmed.

Watch the video below but skip to 7:50 for that part


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