WATCH VIDEO:Kurl Songx finally breake silence on rumors that he lost weight because his broke

Jenifer Lomotey‘ hitmaker Kurl Songx recently posted a photo of himself on social media that sees him looking very slim and slender.

The once thick and tall singer magically transformed into a lean person and this got fans talking.

Some are excited that he has burnt enough fat to be in shape whiles others are also of the view that hunger has caught up with him due to his inability to play shows because of the Coronavirus pandemic, hence the reason for how slim he has become.

kurl songx weight loss

Well, the sensational singer has spoken on his new look in a recent interview with Amansan Krakye on GBC Radio Central.

He revealed: “As an artiste you need to be in shape. It was just a decision to lose weight a bit. So it wasn’t like Kurl Songx is now slim because of hunger. By the grace of God, we’re not left out when the almighty God is sharing His blessings. So by the grace of God I’m fine”.

Listen to the interview below:

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