Delay proposes to Donald Trump, “I am your African Wife, babe”[screenshot]

Delay is in Love with Donald Trump and she wants to do business with him as well.

An observation of the twitter account of Deloris Frimpong Manso popularly known as Delay indicates that she is trying so hard to get the attention of US President Donald Trump.

As a matter of fact, Delay is quite a known showbiz personality and an entrepreneur in the country and no one expected conduct from her.

In two different instances, she tried catching the.attention of Donald Trump even though it didn’t work.

On July 9, 2020, Donald Trump made a post on social media indicating that per the request of congressman Moolenaar, he has approved a Major Disaster Declaration to provide more than $43 million to assist the people of Michigan.

Quickly, Delay responded by saying that she is Donald Trump’s African wife and that she loves him.

Again on July 11, 2020, she did a similar thing. Donald Trump simply put a post on social saying ‘I Love @GoyaFoods.

Once again, Delay suddenly decided to introduce DelayFoods to him and still referred to herself as the African wife of Donald Trump and again indicated that she loves him.

Perhaps, Delay has a real love for Donald Trump and would want him to realize it through social media.


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