Last video of Edward Sena Dey on his hospital bed before his death

Yesterday 7th July 2020 became a sad one for Radio and TV presenter, Kafui Dey after his senior brother Edward…

Yesterday 7th July 2020 became a sad one for Radio and TV presenter, Kafui Dey after his senior brother Edward Sena Dey passed away.

The cause of his death wasn’t known as of yesterday as details surrounding his death were very scanty.

Well, Celebrities Buzz has laid hands on Edward Sena Dey’s final moments on his hospital bed before his death.

From the video, he admitted that he collapsed after showing some mild stroke symptoms and as a result, he was rushed to the hospital for treatment.

He responded to treatment very well and also assured his friends and family that he’ll be released from the hospital soon.

And that although the symptoms of the stroke he experienced were showing subtly, it’ll take a change in his daily behavior to kind of prevent the sickness from becoming severe.

Edward Sena Dey in the video pledged that once released, he won’t take processed foods, fruit juice (unless natural from the original fruit), and that he won’t go near booze and any form of alcohol again.

Shortly after making these pledges, the affable man passed away a week after he was discharged.

Watch the video below:

As said earlier, little is known about Uncle Sena.

However, a close family source told Celebrities Buzz that he has no wife nor kids. He’s the firstborn of his family and died at the age of 50. He was an alumni of Achimota School. May his soul rest in peace!!!

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